Research and Analysis for SmallCap, OTC and Penny Stocks

What does Street Research Consider in Considering a Company?

Street Research sets a very high standard that most smallcap companies simply cannot overcome. Here are some of the areas we review BEFORE accepting a client for a report: 

Is it Well Funded?

Sufficient capital keeps a company in business.  Does this company have the money it needs to be successful without destroying current shareholders? 

Share Structure

If the deck is already stacked against the common shareholders, then it is pointless to invest in the stock of that company. We always check the deck.

Business Plan

Does the company have a business plan along with all of the people, the capital, the relationships and the intelligence to achieve total success?

The Management

Who are these people?  Do they have public experience? Do they have experience the particular business? Do they put the shareholders first?

Debt Structure

Many ignore the convertible debt never fully realizing that this "debt" is often a way to get free trading shares in the hands of friend of the company. 

Opinion of Critics

While understanding the critics are biased, they often will lead you to undeniable truths about a company. We read everything on a company, positive and negative. 

How Can We Remain Unbiased with Research that is Compensated?

Eliminating Bias in a Compensated Report


In the smallcap awareness and promotion industry, the key players tend to build-in distance and plausible deniability when it comes to the stocks they push. This ‘industry’ is run much more by behind the scenes money guys and groups and less by the executives of the small public companies that are often featured. These are the manipulated stocks that small traders see spike a while and then fall to nothing. Really such companies are not ever really ‘companies’ by the definition you or I would have. They are merely vehicles with which to truly pump and dump.

The good news is that there really are a few truly great companies. These are companies that are doing what they say they are doing. They have no puppet master holding the strings. The success or the likelihood for success is very evident. These are the companies you might miss because they are not going to allow million dollar promoters to come in and spoil a company that has real viability.

Unless you are in this business you cannot possibly know the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, and which deals to avoid. You may spend days reading the filings, reading the message boards and reading the company press releases as you try to connect the dots, but you will only connect the obvious dots. Those of us who have been in this smallcap awareness industry usually know who is behind most deals and we almost always know a good deal from a bad deal. Continue Reading

Our Promise to You

1. I promise to be the only analyst on  I am not going to simply hire an analyst who is going to give his opinion based on his compensation.  The site will be my opinion.

2. When a stock turns negative within a year of releasing a report, I will update the report and make it obvious on my site and in any alerts on that company published. This is regardless of whether my program with that company is current or not.

3. I will talk to the management of the company in every case where we are being compensated for the report.

4. I never accept management’s estimates and simply do a discounted cash flow based on their expectations. That’s never good enough. I will share what they share with me in most cases. I will not make their numbers into my numbers.

5. On occasion we will release non-compensated reports. I will make it clear in the report if we have any relationship with any person with the company or representing the company. Most often we cover such companies because we like the people involve and believe in the company. We will disclose any relationship and make it clear why we wrote the report. Continue Reading